A sound mind in a sound body

The University of Rennes 1 encourages its students to be fully aware of their health and gives them all necessary means to preserve it through a dedicated department, the SIMMPS.

Medical examination

CounsellingFirst-year students are required to take a medical examination at their arrival at University.

All students can request a medical examination at any time throughout their curriculum, for example in order to obtain a certificat médical (certificate of fitness to practice sport).

Specific consultations

In addition to medical examinations, students can also request specific consultations:

  • contraception;
  • dietetics;
  • smoking cessation.


Students can ask the SIMMPS for all prescribed vaccinations and nursing services: dressings, injections, blood pressure measurement, etc.

Psychological advice

Beginning one's higher education represents a major step. To help you cope with your new challenges, a team made of a psychiatrist and several psychologists is available to counsel all students of the University.

A partnership between the University of Rennes 1 and the specialized center Guillaume Régnier allows the students to have a place where people let them talk and listen to them.

First aid training

Student performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation on a mannequinDue to its interest for any student, the University of Rennes 1 decided to incorporate first aid training (in French, « la formation aux premiers secours ») into its LMD provision of training.

Taught by experts, this training will allow students to gain a credit unit by choosing the option named « Les gestes qui sauvent ».