A nice place to live

Life on the campus

In order to further its students' academic success, the University of Rennes 1 is anxious to provide them with the best possible environment. This involves parts of their lives that are not closely linked to their studies, but that nevertheless matter:

  • health: the University has its own medical department;
  • social welfare: among others, scholarships and housing services can be provided to the students.

The University is also committed to meeting the specific needs of all its populations: thus, disabled students as well as high-performance sportspeople can benefit from various adjustments in their studies.

Beside the academic studies it offers, the University will allow students to gain additional knowledge and skills by helping them to prepare for and seek internships.

Last, the University is also a community where students are encouraged to become full citizens and to show initiative. They can achieve this by being involved in student associations, which will for sure make their personal lives richer.


To know everything about the administrative aspects of studies (enrollments, calendars, assessement regulations, contact information, etc.), please take a look at the 'Academics' section.