Digital Workspace (ENT)

Since January 2005, the University of Rennes 1 provides its students and staff with a Digital Workspace (in French, ENT or « portail ») allowing them to access individualized information and services at any time, from any place, only with an Internet connection and a web browser.

Screenshot of the Digital Workspace

Services provided through the Digital Workspace

The Digital Workspace offers many services:

  • news about the current and upcoming events, whether academic, scientific, community, cultural, related to sports, etc.;
  • access to administrative information for students:
    • back-to-school calendar,
    • personal timetable,
    • assessment information: regulations, calendar, results and grades,
    • online enrollment at University;
  • access to teaching services:
    • submission of practical work,
    • access to e-learning modules;
  • access to library resources and services:
    • access to online library resources and/or information retrieval,
    • multi-metadata OAI-compatible repository of digital resources with its harvester (coming soon);
  • online access to existing computing services:
    • management (reading/sending/sorting) of your emails,
    • access to your own document storage space;
  • additional services provided through the Digital Workspace:
    • access to your personal file (whether of studies or career),
    • access to the intranet,
    • online calendar, whether personal or shared,
    • access to shared document storage spaces, allowing, for example, a teacher and his/her students to share documents, whatever their geographical situation,
    • bookmarks,
    • access to online software (coming soon).

Accessing your Digital Workspace

To access your Digital Workspace, you need:

  • an Internet connection;
  • a web browser;
  • a Sésame user account. Every student and staff of the University of Rennes 1 is automatically granted a Sésame user account. To be able to use it, first you need to activate it.

The URL of the Digital Workspace is: