Accreditation of prior learning

The accreditation of prior learning is a provision allowing any person, whatever his/her age, education status and professional status, to have his/her professional experience and qualifications accredited in order to obtain, in whole or in part, a degree, a title or a Certificat de qualification professionnelle (certificate of professional qualification). In case of a partial accreditation of prior learning, a complementary assessment may allow the applicant to obtain the full degree.

Everyone is entitled to the acknowledgement of his/her experience:

  • employees;
  • other workers;
  • job seekers;
  • people taking part in social and voluntary work, etc.

The only condition is to prove a three-year experience (at least) in the field of the degree wanted.

At the University of Rennes 1, the bureau REVA (reprise d'études et validation d'acquis, resumption of study and accreditation of prior learning) will inform, counsel and help you with your project, provide you with a variety of trainings and accredit your personal and professional experience and qualifications.