Administrative aspects of your studies

In this section, you will find everything about enrollment, the university calendar and the assessement regulations.

All administrative aspects of your studies will be dealt with the services de scolarité. The services de scolarité are privileged contact points between the students and the University. They are in charge of:

  • managing pre-enrollments and applications;
  • managing administrative and academic enrollments;
  • managing the exams (calendars, results, etc.);
  • managing the back-to-school calendars.
Contacting the scolarités

Rennes - Beaulieu campus

Rennes - Campus Centre

Rennes - Villejean campus


  • IUT de Saint-Brieuc: scolarité
  • Centre d'études juridiques de Saint-Brieuc et des Côtes d'Armor: scolarité (legal studies center)


  • IUT de Lannion: scolarité
  • École nationale supérieure de sciences appliquées et de technologie (ENSSAT): scolarité (engineer school)