ERC programme in Rennes: presentation of the winners

The winners from Rennes of the European excellence programme, supported by the European Research Council (ERC), are honoured in this portrait gallery. Produced by the Université de Rennes 1, in partnership with the CNRS (Bretagne - Pays de la Loire delegation) and Inria Rennes - Bretagne Atlantique.
Le Conseil européen de la recherche

The European Research Council's funding programme

Since 2007, the European Research Council (ERC) has provided individualised support to scientists of all ages and nationalities wishing to conduct profoundly new research. In particular, the ERC funds projects that cross disciplinary boundaries, pioneering ideas in new and emerging research areas, for applications that pioneer unconventional and innovative approaches.

The projects selected for ERC funding were selected on the basis of international expert advice, with excellence (of the applicant and the project) as the sole criterion.

The ERC offers 3 main types of grants depending on the career advancement of the researchers: Starting, Consolidator or Advanced Grants. These grants are awarded for a maximum period of 5 years and, where appropriate, ERC laureates may apply for an additional year of funding dedicated to the exploitation of the results of ERC projects: "Proof of concept".

In Rennes, the Plateforme projets européens (2PE) - Bretagne informs potential applicants about the terms and conditions of the ERC calls for proposals and supports the application files of teacher-researchers employed by the universities or schools on the site. Researchers employed by research organisations (CNRS, Inria, INRA, etc.) are supported by the dedicated structures and services of these organisations.

The texts of the portraits of the CNRS and Inria researchers have been reproduced with the contribution of Alice Vettoretti (Plume & Sciences).