EDUC research seminars

You are looking for research partners abroad to develop new projects? You have a research project and you would like to find collaborators to develop it at a European scale? You wish to expand your research network across Europe? The EDUC thematic seminars might provide you with just what you are looking for.

About the research seminars

One of the main objectives of the EDUC partner universities is to encourage and strengthen cooperation in research. Specifically, the Alliance identified seven main research areas towards which addressing common challenges and missions.

The research areas were chosen by the Alliance because they reflect both the strength and diversity of its six members’ research domains. They strike a balance between hard sciences and socio-humanities, with the aim to give to a wide range of researchers and PhD students the possibility to successfully cooperate. Moreover, these themes address societal challenges which can benefit from cross-disciplinary contributions and the direct involvement of local ecosystems and policy makers.

The seminars will take place starting from March 2021, according to the list below. Due to the current sanitary context, some seminars will take the form of online events, with the possibility of a later follow-up in-person event when the sanitary conditions allow it. The detailed programme and more details about the location of the events will be communicated in due time. The working language of the seminars will be English. 

  1. Life Long Health and Wellbeing (18-19 March 2021) - University of Pècs (Hungary): applications closed
  2. Culture and heritage (24th March 2021) - University of Paris Nanterre (France, online event): applications closed
  3. Justice, inequality and inclusion (25th March 2021) - University of Paris Nanterre (France, online event): applications closed
  4. Mobility / Smart cities (8-9 April 2021) - Université de Rennes 1 (France, online event): applications closed
  5. European Union Studies (21 April 2021) - University of Cagliari (Italy): applications closed
  6. Sustainable Changes: climate and resources (17 June 2021) University of Potsdam (Germany, online event): applications closed
  7. Cyber Security and Artificial Intelligence (24-25 November 2021) University of Masaryk (Czech Republic, online event): applications closed

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Physical seminars will follow online seminars as follows:

  1. European Union Studies, University of Cagliari (Italy) / 9-10 June 2022
  2. Culture and Heritage, University of Paris-Nanterre (France) / 13-14 June 2022
  3. Life Long Health and Wellbeing, University of Pécs (Hungary) / 27-28 June 2022
  4. Justice, Inequality and Inclusion, university of Paris-Nanterre (France) / 29-30 September 2022 - Deadline of applications: 29th May

Kindly please complete the application form to attend those Research Seminars:

EDUC Research Seminar Application Form - (90.45 KB)

Who can apply

The call is open to:

  • Researchers/Teachers-researchers
  • PhD students regularly enrolled in one of the doctoral Programmes of Université de Rennes 1, from  any Research Laboratories hosted by the Université de Rennes 1 (please note that researchers from the other universities of the EDUC alliance receive a similar Call)

To be eligible for participation in a seminar, applicants (both academic staff and PhD students) should be:

  • conducting research in the field of the chosen seminar (all academic disciplines are invited);
  • able to participate in the entire seminar;
  • be prepared to present and discuss their work with peers from the other Universities, and to participate in an active and constructive way in team discussions;
  • willing to continue cooperation with colleagues of the Alliance after the seminar.

Application procedure

The application form includes:

  • a short CV (max 1500 characters)
  • a short abstract (max 1500 characters) presenting their own research in the area
  • a list of maximum 5 relevant publications in the last 5 year
  • a list of 5 keywords that describe their research
  • optional: a description of their research interest and/or the type of research partnership they are looking for (max 500 characters).

Each university shall support up to a maximum of seven mobilities per seminar: a maximum of five mobilities for PhD students and a minimum of two for senior researchers.

The application must be submitted by email to educ-universite-europenneatuniv-rennes1 [dot] fr
In case of a number of eligible applications higher than the available positions, a selection will be made on the basis of the coherence of the research carried out, identified possible matches between research topics and the aim to guarantee interdisciplinarity.
Questions about the application and selection process should be directed to educ-universite-europenneatuniv-rennes1 [dot] fr
The results of the selection procedure will be made known to applicants within 2 weeks after the deadline.
A request for confirmation will be sent to all selected participants with a short deadline for replies.

Download the application form:

EDUC Research Seminar Application Form - (90.45 KB)
Kindly send you application form to this following email address: educ-universite-europenneatuniv-rennes1 [dot] fr ( )

Participation cost

There is no fee for the seminars.